EXECUTIVE SERVICE provides care/coaching/consulting by EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA senior leadership specifically for senior leadership. It occurs through monthly scheduled appointments and unlimited phone and email availability. The relationship is very good with most executives forming beneficial relationships from this coaching.


WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS inform, educate, and develop employees personally and corporately. These seminars address personal matters, such as emotional, financial, physical, and relational issues, and workplace issues, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and personality/behavioral assessments, etc. These are excellent teaching opportunities for employees.


COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS provide employees an opportunity to work together for the common good to meet a community need, as well as, build trust and camaraderie with each other. Here the employees work side by side serving the community, valuing stewardship and the environment at large, while having fun. These times are a great way to build company morale.


MEDIATION ROOMS can be designed, built, and furnished that will provide employees a place for quiet reflection and thought to decompress in the midst of a hectic day or flurry of activity.

"EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA brought a fresh set of eyes and ears to a problem and created a safe place for our employees to deal with the issues of life."

— an Employee Care of America client 


Payment is based on the service option selected plus any additional service agreed upon. Generally, the fee is calculated per employee and is considered a benefit for each employee. These fees are manageable for the company while providing highly trained and skilled Chaplains, working as an integral part of your organization.