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Link Care

Chaplains will call offsite/remote employees by phone. The calls to offsite/remote employees are to listen, to encourage, and to offer guidance over the phone. This effort has proven to be an effective way to provide care and to add value to those offsite employees. The cost of the Link Care Program for your company is based on the number of offsite/remote employees, payable monthly.


Personalized Greeting Card Program

Our personalized birthday and anniversary card program demonstrates how valuable employees are. An encouraging note with a reminder of the chaplain’s team availability throughout the year is inserted in the high-quality birthday card. Both the recipients' address and your return address are handwritten. We will hand sign the cards for you. Each card includes a first-class stamp, not metered mail. Small gifts like gift certificates and coupons can also be inserted in the cards for an additional charge. The cost of the Personalized Greeting Card Program for your company is based on the number of employees, payable monthly.


Crisis Care and Grief Counseling

Trained Chaplains will provide crisis care and grief counseling, during times of tragedy, trauma, and grief.  Our Chaplains will be onsite and available for all employees during the aftermath of the crisis or emergency situation. At the business’s invitation, the Chaplains will make hospital, family home, funeral home, and/or other neutral site visits when appropriate. The cost of the Crisis Care and Grief Counseling for your company is based on the number of hours on site.

Wellness Workshops

Believing healthier people make better employees, Wellness Workshops are designed to provide solutions, encouragement, information, and practical advice that will foster wellness and wholeness in those who participate. These insightful and practical workshops can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and the issues your employees are facing. They can be presented in a time frame that best fits your schedule. They can be offered as a one-time event or as a regular part of your employee care program, such as monthly or quarterly. Other subjects can be addressed. Surveys are available to determine the most pressing needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your leadership to design and implement one or ongoing Wellness Workshops that will improve the culture of your company and the life of your employees. The cost of a Workshop is based per hour to provide speaker and coordination. Any food, promotion, and handouts will be at the business’ expense. This cost is reduced when a business has implemented the Employee Care Program.

"EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA brought a fresh set of eyes and ears to a problem and created a safe place for our employees to deal with the issues of life."

— an Employee Care of America client 

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