Seven Principles of Stress Management
Worry Less Living
Making the Most of My Time
Becoming the Person I’ve Always Imagined
Understanding Who I Am and How I’m Wired



Dealing with Adult Children
Forgiveness: Breaking Free from Bitterness
How to Get Along with Others
Understanding My Communication Style
Help Me! My Family Is Driving Me Insane



Developing the Leader Within
Managing the Work-Life Balance
Life Is a Team Sport—Playing Your Part
Diffusing Conflict
Understanding Your “Why”



Defeating Debt
Navigating the Financial Waters of an Uncertain Future
What You Need to Know About Insurance
How to Develop a Financial Plan without a Financial Planner
Identifying and Overcoming the Top Five Money Mistakes



How Can I Get in Shape When I Don’t Have the Time?
The Seven Dimensions of Wellness
How to Improve Your Physical Health
Taking Care of Your Body, Taking Care of Your Life
The Connection Between the Emotional and the Physical

Believing healthier people make better employees, Wellness Workshops are designed to provide solutions, encouragement, information, and practical advice that will foster wellness and wholeness in those who participate. These insightful and practical workshops can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and the issues your employees are facing. They can be presented in a time frame that best fits your schedule from as little as thirty minutes, three hours, or a three-day seminar. They can be offered as a one-time event or as a regular part of your employee care program, such as monthly or quarterly. Other subjects can be addressed. Surveys are available to determine the most pressing needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your leadership to design and implement one or ongoing Wellness Workshops that will improve the culture of your company and the life of your employees.