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The care occurs through on-site visits by trained Chaplains and being accessible to employees and their family members 24/7. This care is...

Confidential Accessible Relational Exceptional

When a problem or an issue arises (and it will) employees are comfortable enough to confide in the Chaplains because a relationship has been established.


Managers and leadership benefit as well. Many managers see the warning signs of an employee in need of help on a personal level, but cannot address it without crossing appropriate boundaries. EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA will close this gap and address time-critical issues through proactive, intentional, and confidential care.

EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA focuses on emotional health, wholeness, and the well-being of employees.
Here’s what we do:
  • We are present, proactive, and responsive to the employee’s needs and concerns.

  • We are on-site and accessible.

  • We provide a service of presence.

  • We foster conversation, cohesion, and trust among employees and between management and staff.

  • We are present in times of personal crisis.

  • We get to know the employees, believing that healing begins the moment one is heard.

  • We embody the company’s corporate mission statement that values employees. 

“I no longer have to be Mommy and Daddy to my employees. Our Chaplain has taken that role.”

— Client, Company Owner 

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