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EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA partners with businesses to improve productivity and profitability by providing care, coaching, and crisis management. The care occurs through on-site trained and compassionate Chaplains. The result is more productive employees, happier workplace, and healthier communities. Think of it as an Employee Assistance Program on steroids.


Through trained Chaplains EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA offers support and encouragement for an organization’s most important asset, its employees.


  • contacts your employees on a regular basis through face-to-face, phone, and/or email communication.

  • builds trust with your employees so when they are experiencing a tough time, they know where they can turn.

  • keep discussions confidential, and offers a safe outlet.

  • comforts those who are struggling.

  • provides a listening ear during challenging times.

  • speaks hope into people’s lives by providing help with employees’ daily problems.

  • walks alongside the employee when a crisis occurs, such as a death, addiction, sickness, or family emergency, letting the employee know they are not alone.

  • establishes a relationship before a crisis occurs.

“ Before I need you; I need to know you.”

— an Employee Care of America client employee

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