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  • Rick Ezell

10 Reasons to Have a Chaplain at Your Workplace

Top Ten Reasons to have a Chaplain at your workplace

Here are the top ten reasons to have a chaplain at your workplace:

  1. Demonstrates appropriate and tangible employee care.

  2. Completes your company’s wellness initiatives.

  3. Speaks hope into people’s lives, in addition to, providing help with daily struggles.

  4. Establishes a resource before a crisis occurs, being proactive rather than reactive.

  5. Reduces “presenteeism,” where employees are physically at work but their hearts and minds are somewhere else.

  6. Reduces employee turnover.

  7. Reduces health and disability claims.

  8. Prevents violence on the job.

  9. Improves workplace morale and the corporate culture.

  10. Improves your bottom line.

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